Euro jackpot numbers 06/09/2013: Income figures and profit rates

Euro Jackpot Results live: The winning numbers of the euro jackpot draw on 09.06.2013 were drawn today by 21 clock and are now online, as are the odds. A live TV broadcast of the euro jackpot draw or a live stream did not exist. For that you learn here with us the results of the euro jackpot draw of 6 September 2013. The jackpot was 13 million euros and was not cracked.

Results of the euro jackpot draw from 09/06/2013

Euro jackpot winning numbers 09/06/2013

Winning numbersEuro figures
Euro jackpot winning numbers from 06/09/2013 - All data without guarantee!

Euro jackpot profit rates 09/06/2013

Income class Number of GainsRate
1(5 numbers + 2 Euro numbers)unoccupied
2(5 numbers + 1 Euro Number)unoccupied
3(5 numbers + 0 Euro numbers)250,544.00 EUR
4(4 right + 2 Euro numbers)313010.00 EUR
5(4 + 1 € correct number)409180.60 EUR
6(4 right + 0 Euro numbers)49494.40 EUR
7(3 numbers + 2 Euro numbers)131650.20 EUR
8(3 + 1 € correct number)16,08719.80 EUR
9(2 right + 2 Euro numbers)18,93314.10 EUR
10(3 numbers + 0 Euro numbers)20 69313.50 EUR
11(1 right + 2 Euro numbers)98 2299.40 EUR
12(2 + 1 € correct number)229 7137.70 EUR
Euro jackpot from 06/09/2013 - All data without guarantee!

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Video of the euro jackpot draw from 09/06/2013

13 million Euro jackpot on 09/06/2013

After the Jackpot the euro lottery in the last Drawing on 08/30/2013 had not been cracked, the jackpot was the current draw at 13 million euros. Once the jackpot has not cracked today, the euro jackpot rises to 13/09/2013 EUR 15 million. Learn more about the current euro jackpot draw learn under

When was the last Euro jackpot cracked?

The last Euro jackpot was at the Drawing on 08/16/2013 cracked. A player from Italy had the correct winning number combination and won the princely sum of 15,541,392 euros. The highest jackpot win in the history of the euro jackpot was at 04/12/2013 fetched. Sensational 46 million euros mainly went to a lottery player in Hesse. To win the jackpot you need the right combination of right people and two 5 correct numbers euros.

Chances of winning at Euro jackpot

Since 23 March 2012 is the Euro jackpot drawn every week in Helsinki, Finland. The framework of the Euro lottery provides that the jackpot must be distributed in a lower income class when he was 13 times is not won in a row. Then the chance of winning the big jackpot rises to circumstances of 1:59 million to "only" 1:5 million.

Euro jackpot can be cracked in the second income class

When the jackpot was not won 13 times in a row, it may be a so-called compulsory distribution in the second income class. That is what happened in August 2012 once already: At that time the jackpot was not won 13 times in a row. A player from NRW took time with 5 correct and only one euro number the first prize in the amount of 27.5 million euros.

In contrast to the Euro Millions, Another European lottery with high profits, the euro jackpot in Germany can be officially played without detours and tricks on foreign sites. Lottery tickets for the euro jackpot, there are quite legal in all lottery agencies. In all states, you can use the Euro jackpot now also legally play online.

Play Euro jackpot online

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Lower Saxony
North Rhine-Westphalia

In Brandenburg is a Euro jackpot online game allowed since 06/12/2012. In North Rhine-Westphalia is the Online game since 1.12.2012 possible again.

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Euro jackpot draw live?

A Euro jackpot Live drawing there is not unfortunately. The winning numbers first appear online only. The Euro Jackpot winning numbers are later published anything in the video text of the public TV stations. In the ARDText on page 583 and in ZDFText on page 564

What is the euro jackpot?

Euro jackpot Lottery is a number that can be played in eight European countries. When will euro jackpot 5 out of 50 Numbers and 2 of 8 Euro numbers typed. For each game for a total of 7 figures must be typed. The lottery companies which carry out a euro jackpot, which guarantee a jackpot of at least 10 million euros. This may, if he was a long time not cracked, grow up to 90 million euros. On Euro jackpot learn every Friday around 23 clock, have won what numbers and whether the euro jackpot was cracked.

Every Friday at least 10 million euros Jackpot - that guarantee the lottery operator. The drawing of the winning numbers will be held in the Finnish capital Helsinki.

How much is a Euro jackpot game?

Winning numbers and the odds are on the same evening on the Internet at, among other things, on this page. A tip with 7 figures costs 2, - Euro plus the applicable processing fee. Profits can be made in twelve different income classes.

Euro Jackpot - which countries play with?

The Euro jackpot is played out in Germany in the following countries:

More information on the Euro jackpot live under

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